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Boardwalk Programme

posted: Feb 27

Eoin Francis McCormack

Eoin Francis McCormack is a visual artist whose practice explores concepts of working in contemporary culture, using the studio as a means to address the routine and physical labour aspects of the artists practice. Eoin uses the idea of 'artist as maker' as a catalyst for his work. Utilising fabricated tools and self mixed paint, he translates this idea into form.  His work explores the contradictions between the work of the painter and the socially accepted concepts of 'work'. He constructs a practice that explores painting as a work ethic, whilst also examining what a painting might mean to a viewer.

In the boardwalk gallery exhibition the viewer has the opportunity to witness Eoin`s visual journey from paint to print as he exhibits his screen prints alongside his oil on canvas paintings. Screen printing became a part of his practice after his time in residencies at Damn Fine Print and Parallel Editions.

Eoin Francis Mc Cormack received his BA (hons) from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 2010, and followed up with his MFA (hons) from Edinburgh College of Art in 2014.

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