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Paper and Pretend Workshops with Michele Fox Bell

Children's Workshop at Luan Gallery Athlone posted: Aug 10

Luan Gallery wish to invite all young budding artists to join arts facilitator Michele Fox Bell in a four–day art workshop from Tuesday 20th August until Friday 23rd August. Children aged 4–7 years are invited to join us from 10:00am–11:15am each morning and children aged 8–12 years are welcomed from 11:30am–12:45pm. 

Arts facilitator Michele Fox Bell will be facilitating fun and inventive arts and crafts workshops for children age 4–12 years. This four–day workshop will be both educational and fun for all participants as they learn the magic of art and how the background colour of an art piece impacts the appearance of their drawings. 

Throughout these workshops children will be drawing on transparent sheets, these sheets will be placed on top of a white sheet of paper so that children can see their drawings clearly. Once they have finished their drawings, children will witness a disappearing act as they swap the white sheet of paper with black paper. This playful exercise introduces children to the differences between the use of light and dark colours. 

When they place the black sheet of paper under their drawings, their work will disappear before their very eyes. Not too worry, the drawings are not gone for good! Children will then partake in fun activities of searching for the missing drawings by making an origami torch and 'shining' it between the transparent and black paper. This white paper torch will make sections of their drawings visible. This is a great opportunity for children to get creative and have fun while learning new concepts of art.

Cultural Assistant at Luan Gallery Emma King says;
“Learn the magic of art as the children make their drawings disappear and reappear before our eyes. Children will have a great laugh as the learn how to do magic tricks while creating works of art. This paper and pretend workshop is a great opportunity for children to use their imagination as they hunt down their lost drawings with their paper torches.“

This four day workshop costs €25 per child, materials are provided. Places are limited so pre–booking and pre–payment is required to secure a place. Book early to avoid disappointment.

For more information or to book your child for this fun–tastic workshop please contact us at 09064 52154 or email us at

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