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Symbols of Subject: An Exhibition of work from TUS Midlands Midwest Modern Irish Art Collection

Symbols of Subject 12 September - 16 November An exhibition of work from the TUS Midlands Modern Art Collection, including work from the class of 2023 graduate show Velocity. Presented by Luan Gallery in collaboration with TUS Midlands posted: Sep 12

Luan Gallery is delighted to present Symbols of Subject, an exhibition of work on loan from the Technological University of the Shannon’s (TUS) Modern Art Collection. The exhibition will be open to the public from Tuesday 12th September, with the official exhibition opening reception taking place on Wednesday 20th September at 6:00pm. The exhibition opening will be launched by TUS President Prof. Vincent Cunnane and will be followed by a drinks reception. All are welcome to attend. The exhibition will continue to 16th November.

Symbols of Subject features work from acclaimed contemporary Irish artists Maree Bannon, Deborah Browne, George Campbell, William Crozier, Michael Cullen, Rosaleen Davey, Gerald Davis, Paul Doran, Richard Dwyer, Felim Egan, Terence Gayer, Alice Berger Hammerschlag, Louis le Brocquy, Margo McNulty, Michael Mulcahy, Noelle Noonan, Jane O’Malley, Tony O’Malley, Padraic O’Murchu, Mary Farl Powers, Noreen Rice, Anne Rigney, and Corban Walker.

Symbols of Subject brings together selected works from renowned Irish artists from the TUS Modern Art Collection. Looking at formalist artwork that deals with shape, space, form, movement and boundary lines, this exhibition interrogates the use of line and geometric form in modern visual art practice. Semiotics, the study of signs and symbols and their use and interpretation, acknowledges that the signs that we encounter in our everyday lives are objectively meaningless, though subjective in nature, but through learned association, we interpret signs in a particular manner. Through social, experiential, and educational influence we ascribe meaning to signs. Similarly, culture and society influence our preconceptions of the environments in which we live and, in some cases, can limit our openness to exploring new perspectives or even engaging with the visual arts.

Symbols of Subject invites viewers to unlearn what they already know and become open to looking at symbolism in shape, space, and lines with a fresh perspective. By removing our preconceived ideas and allowing ourselves to view signs and symbols from our own perspective, we can begin to form our own interpretation, free from the imposition of social or educational influences. Symbols of Subject offers visitors the opportunity to step into the municipal gallery space and encounter artwork with a curiosity for learning and expanding perspectives on how we can engage with art. 

An accompanying programme of events will be scheduled throughout the exhibition.

Further information can be found on Luan Gallery’s social channels - Instagram: @luangalleryathlone Facebook: @luangallery. Admission to the gallery is free for groups and individuals. Tours for schools and groups can be arranged by contacting the gallery in advance by telephone: 090 6442154 or by email:

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