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Apocalypse Anxieties at Luan Gallery

Apocalypse Anxieties at Luan Gallery from 27 April to 27 June 2024: featuring work by Aideen Barry, Kerry Guinan, Leann Herihy, Orla Punch, Frank Sweeney and Tom O'Dea. Guest Curated by Kerry Guinan. posted: Feb 23

Date: 27 April - 27 June 2024

A group exhibition guest curated by Kerry Guinan, featuring the work of Aideen Barry, Tom O’Dea, Léann Herlihy, Orla Punch, Christopher Steenson and Frank Sweeney


Apocalypse Anxieties — an exhibition at the end of the world — responds thematically, aesthetically, and affectively to an underground “nuclear bunker” installed by the Irish Government under Custume Barracks, Athlone during the Cold War. Guest-curated by artist Kerry Guinan, the exhibition employs the bunker as a symbol to raise critical questions about how catastrophes are prepared for, communicated, and survived — and by whom. Linking the existential threat of nuclear war to that of the climate crisis today, Apocalypse Anxieties holds space for the open expression of base survival fears at the levels of the individual, the species, and the Earth, while defending kinship and intimacy between these entities at the end of the world.


Supported by Arts Council Ireland.

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