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Over Nature at Luan Gallery

Luan Gallery is delighted to publish this video of our current group exhibition Over Nature, curated by Italian Art Historian and Curator, Valeria Ceregini.

Touring six venues across Ireland and the UK, the exhibition offers a new optical experience, greater ecological awareness and responsibility towards landscape and environment which surround us.

We hope the video will give visitors a preview of the works on show during our temporary closure.

The exhibition features a series of multimedia artworks and paintings from Shane Finan, an innovative and interactive approach from Beata Piekarska-Daly to move towards painting, an abstract method of landscape representation with paintings and printings from Mary O’Connor, an in-depth analysis by videos and photographs of the botanical and environmental condition of the Irish landscapes from Louis Haugh, photographic installations and drawings from Guillaume Combal, and a multidisciplinary installation approach from Kathy Herbert.

This variety of methodologies invites viewers to consider how our different histories and experiences position us in relation to each other: Who you are, where you come from, what your commitments are, what your experiences have been.

The desire of this group show is also to acknowledge and honour the significance of our relationship to one another and how our future in this world is tied together. It is an ethical imperative to see that despite our varied place-based cultures and knowledge systems, we live on this one planet and must constantly think and act with reference to those relationships.